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TTS Datamaster

Logged 20 September 2006

IDLE 1 - Stock ANYH memcal, Error code : 51
RUN 1 - Stock ANYH memcal, Driving, Error code : 51
RUN 2 - Stock ANYH memcal, Driving 2

Logged 29 September 2006

CHIP 1 - New PROM / CHIP APYM, part 1
CHIP 2 - New PROM / CHIP APYM, part 2

Logged 8 October 2006

Test 1 - Idle + drive, stopped and refuelled.
Test 2 - Idle, pumped the tires. short drive and LOST PCM Connection.
Test 3 - Easy drive, Acceleration in uphill. And then LOST PCM Connection.
Test 4 - Overdrive, Longdrive, released throttle, SES light goes on after 45 sec
Test 5 - Runs strange and vad. backfires / Slur, SES light is on, NO error code.Runs real bad...LOST PCM Connection, SES light on all the time. NO error code. No power...
Test 6 - Garage, idle... no SES light on. Runs pretty good.

Logged 27 April 2007

27 April 2007 - IROC-Z - Harddrive, tried to execute the error with SES light and he powerless but no SES light goes on and it goes pretty good..

Logged 7 Maj 2007

7 Maj 2007 - IROC-Z - idle,runs bad , shakes, when i rew it up to 3000rpm it backfires and when throttle is released it dies and losing connection to PCM
7 Maj 2007 - IROC-Z (senaste) - Idle, driving around, alot of throttle

Logged 16 Maj 2007

16 Maj 2007 - Longdrive, runs pretty good. No big problems..

Logged 18 Maj 2007

18 Maj 2007 - Longdrive,WOT a couple of times. Runs pretty good this time to.

Logged 21 Juni 2007

21 Juni 2007 - A - TPS 0.63 Just driving to get some info about the car
21 Juni 2007 - B - Longride, steady throttle, idle, WOT and citydrive

Logged 29 Juni 2007

29 Juni 2007 - A - 30min long log, Tried with TPS 0,57 and then back to 0.55, Wanders on idle and runs shaky, hacking, chugging, backfires on hard throttle like 3000rpm +, Smells fuel on startup and on harder driving..

Logged 21 Juli 2007

21 Juli 2007 - A - Short log, Lost PCM, had to restart the car and Datamaster.
21 Juli 2007 - B - 26min log.Holding my hand behind the exhaust and sometimes it comes an extra large poff, like missfiring ?! Runs rich!? and shakes

Logged 8 + 9 Augusti 2007

8 Augusti 2007 - A - Runs shaky, jumpy drive, Sounds strange on acceleration.
9 Augusti 2007 - B - Runs real good, smooth driving , I trying my new build ALDL calbe in this log. Runned good

Logged 5 Oktober 2007

5 Oktober 2007 - A - Runs great at the beginning, Runs worse and worse the longer the car is on.
5 Oktober 2007 - B - Backfires, "bangs/smacking?!" Runs rich..
5 Oktober 2007 - Dan Chip - Runs good at the beginning. Then backfires!? at acceleration..

Logged 12 Oktober 2007

12 Oktober 2007 - A - Some knock retard. shaky ride, like "jumping" forward...And as always LOST PCM CONNECTION....
12 Oktober 2007 - B - Idle in garage, shaky idle, backfires when reaches ~3000rpm

Logged 13 Oktober 2007

13 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_3 - A - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin) Some knock retard. Runned pretty good. But still little shaky with gear in the tranny and holdning brake at stoplight and so... wanders a little in idle with D och [D] and holding brake.. Little more finetuning and its good in BLM. New ALDL Cable also, worked great 26 minutes logg.
13 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_3 - B - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin) Much idle in the garage while checking vacuum and fuelpressure. The FULL CONDITION TEST you can find here >> Condition Test

Logged 18 Oktober 2007

18 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_5 - A - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin) Perfect, it runned REAL GOOD now. Bored up the FPR plug and the idle pressure sank to about 33PSI (much better than 44PSI all the time) So now the fiel pressure is changing with the vacuum = great. It ran good on idle steady 750rpm in P or N and with D or [D] in it stayed at 550rpm (+-25rpm with AC on MAX and coldest.) It ran a little lean when Im not pulling the throttle, I will tune that right, Have made some changes in the bin (- some % at fuelling, will put that back to stock, maybe it will run perfect also on idle) When im pushing the pedal it runs good in the BLM scale. SO THE CAR SEEMS LIKE IT WORKING LIKE IT SHOULD NOW :), it dont wanders and almost dies on idle with gear in (D or [D]) it stays steady also with gear in and holding the Brake pedal at stoplight.. Will do some tuning and scan some more, will put it online here later. check back again.

Logged 19 Oktober 2007

19 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_6 - A - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin), Still running lean..Long drive, higher speed and some idle.. Will try to change the Injector constant abit, its on 24 now, will lower it to maybe 23 and see hows its running then. Injector Constant is more global when changing.
19 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_6 - B - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin), This log is almose only on idle both in N or P and with D... MAX AC also... Almost no shake at all. Only little lean. Will make and new PROM with little lower inj. const.

Logged 23 Oktober 2007

23 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_7 - A - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin), Runned lite jumpy when giving little throttle. gettig better when the engine got to running temp. And little richer than before.. Stopped and refuelled at the beggining, thats why its "leaving" closedloop beacuase I stopped the engine.
23 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_8 - B - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin), Runned very very good, on idle, lowspeed/highwpeed. High acceleration. with gear at stoplight, BLM looked real good.. starting to get close now :)..Lost PCM connection, restarted the car and thats why it goes to openloop at the beggining.

Logged 26 Oktober 2007

26 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_8 - A - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin), Runned pretty good, or real good. why are Im getting knock retard?!... cannot stand seeing knock retard... pretty long logg. and then LOST PCM CONNECTION.
26 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_8 - B - NEW BIN : ANYH (my stock bin), Runned really good. BLM in good value and so... BUT alot of knock retard... WHY!?!?!.. cant stand see it... any ideas why im getting so much knock retard??. 20 minutes log. LOST PCM CONNECTION, resumed the log thats why the car goes to open loop in the middle of the log..

Logged 31 Oktober 2007

31 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_9 - A - BIN : ANYH , Almost the same as ANYH_8 but i changed the ALDL Spark Adder to : 0 instead of 8,5 that is stock. Still getting ALOT of knock retard when giving much throttle.. why?! LOST PCM Connection thats why its getting in open loop in the log. (had to restard the car and program)
31 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_23,5_1 - A - NEW BIN : ANYH with inj constant 23.5 , Running lean and still getting ALOT of knockretard and knock counts..
31 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_23,5_1 - B - NEW BIN : ANYH with inj constant 23.5 , The same chip LOST PCM Connection therefore a new log with the same prom/chip. Running lean and still getting ALOT of knockretard and knock counts..
31 Oktober 2007 - ANYH_23,5_2 - A - NEW BIN : ANYH with inj constant 23.02 , now the BLM looking good , but STILL GETTING ALOT OF KNOCK RETARD when pushing the throttle. strange..

Logged 20 Januari 2008

20 Januari 2008 - ANYH_8 - Startup after 3 month of sleep (in +20celcius garage) Jumped between closed and open loop... strange.. I got a new O2 sensor installed... maybe its broken ? or ?

Logged 2 Februari 2008

2 Februari 2008 - ANYH_8 - Startup just to check all the values and how it runs... runs shaky sometimes, backfires... and jumps in and out of closed loop..

Logged 3 Februari 2008

3 Februari 2008 - ANYH_8 - Runs pretty good, jumps in and out of Closed loop... strange.. any iedas of the problem?!
3 Februari 2008 - ANYH_10_NO_VATS - Prom with disabled VATS.. no change in how it runs..

Logged 19 Mars 2008

19 Mars 2008 - ANYH_8 - idle, some throttle, with AC on/off , went thru all the gears and so.. little jumpy not nice and smooth idle... Maybe it gets better with my new distributor..

Logged 16 April 2008

16 April 2008 - ANYH_8 - idle, some throttle, with AC on/off , went thru all the gears and so.. little jumpy not nice and smooth idle... some knock retard and knock counts.. jumpy idle. smelled fuel on startup, died one time had to restart the logging. and when hot, I had to crank for about ~10 sec before it started.

Logged 18 April 2008

18 April 2008 - ANYH_8_A - idle, some throttle, with AC on/off , went thru all the gears and so..The engine is missing its not making a complete combustion / burn.. The hole engine shakes and its not an smooth idle, the hole car shakes with the "missing" hard to explain but there isnt a clean burn/combustion..
18 April 2008 - ANYH_8_B - LOST PCM CONNECTION, this is the second part of the scan.. knock retard 9 deg when I gave it some throttle... WHY!?!?..

Logged 22 April 2008

22 April 2008 - ANYH_14_A - Disabled EGR and ALDL Spark Adder set to : 4.23. Everything else is like my ANYH 8. Runned, little better i think, not as jumpy/shaky as before... Maybe is I give it some more fuel on idle and still EGR disabled it runs better... Will test that.
22 April 2008 - ANYH_12 - ALDL Spark Adder set to 4.21 and Maf Scalar set to : 17 (little richer at idle). Still shaking/jumpy idle, when not in gear, when i put it in gear R and D it feelt better... So maybe an mix of ANYH 14 and 12 will make it better... Gonna test that later.. But still theres that shaking vibrating..
22 April 2008 - ANYH_13 - ALDL Spark Adder set to 4.21 and leaner Maf Scalar set to : 15 (leaner.. didnt run good, alot of popping from the exhaust).. But when engine reached 105 deg C it ran pretty good on idle (with no gear) but with gear, run as bad as before... so maybe and combination av ANYH 12 / 13 & 14 may make it better?!
22 April 2008 - ANYH_14_B - Disabled EGR and ALDL Spark Adder set to : 4.23. did one more run with the ANYH 14, shaky/jumpy idle ... what can cause this ?! and as in every other logfile, theres knock counts and knock retard..

Logged 2 Maj 2008

2 Maj 2008 - ANYH_8 - Long run, alot of knock retard when giving hard throttle.. Runned pretty good, exept for the shaking at stoplights when in Drive and holding Brake, the RPM kinda wants to bump down and that makes the car rumble/shake.. what can cause that ?

Logged 6 Maj 2008

6 Maj 2008 - ANYH_18_A - Long run, Some knock retard, but not that much as in the last logg. maybe I was to gentle on the throttle this time ? seems like it running little lean sometimes..
6 Maj 2008 - ANYH_18_B - Second logg from today, LOST PCM CONNECTION therefore a new logfile. The car started much easier now when its hot. So thats good. Still little rough on the idle with drive in and holding brake.. little shaky..

Logged 20 Juni 2008

20 Juni 2008 - ANYH - Long run, New Injectors and stock PROM. ALOT of knock retard when giving light throttle and steady. The knock retard goes along until I let go of the throttle... WHY!? Hard to start to.. Shakes alot when holding Brake at stoplight and the tranny in D. Why!?
20 Juni 2008 - ANYH_20 - Second logg, tried a different injector constant, much much leaner, so this PROM wasent something to have, will try another PROM later.
20 Juni 2008 - ANYH_B - Same PROM as the first logg, just idling and parking it in the garage, Knock retard when giving throttle at idle and hot engine..

Logged 21 Juni 2008

21 Juni 2008 - ANYH_21 - Long drive, alot of knock retard and the shaking with stoplights and holding brake when in D / R / 1 / 2 / [D].. Hard start to, kinda started at low rpm like 300 and climbed up to 900rpm at beginning.
21 Juni 2008 - ANYH_22 - Some driving around, some knock retard, little little lean on some places, maybe ill rice the inj. constant little.
21 Juni 2008 - ANYH_23 - Little higher inj. constant and litte better, running on 21 liters 98 octance (and ~10liters of 95) seemed little better at the beginning, then knock retard, shaking and so on....

Logged 22 Juni 2008

22 Juni 2008 - ANYH_23 - Long drive runned pretty good, still some knock retard but the car seemed to run pretty good, not as shake as before, (still some shaking when in gear and holding brake) but not as much, stopped and restarted to engine to see how the rpm signal looked like, looked good this time.. The DTC error is EST. I checked initial timing and forgot to resett the ecm, nothing to worry about.
22 Juni 2008 - ANYH_23_B - idle logfile after ive set the Minimum air and tps and initial timing to 6BTDC. When idling in the garage and putting it in gear I got a strange Speed signal to, it said that I was driving 664km/h.. strange, I was holding brake and put it in R to get out of the garage... Also now the strange rpm signal showed when I was starting, = hard to start hot.... strange that is was gone for a while..The DTC error is EST. I checked initial timing and forgot to resett the ecm, nothing to worry about.
22 Juni 2008 - IAC / TPS Adjust - Bad rpm signal again at start, (right after iac/tps adjust.. let it run for a while then short run to see how it runned, runned pretty good. Why is it sending that strange signal at startup !? its so damn hard to start when it do that...
22 Juni 2008 - ANYH_23 - Logfile with alot of bad rpm signal, after the bad signal went away I set the minimum air, thats why its so low rpm in the file..

Logged 25 Juni 2008

25 Juni 2008 - ANYH_25 - Longdrive, seems to run pretty good, not as much knock retard, this got stock injector constant, but accel % encrich is set to 0 at high/running temps and it seems to help against knock retard.. Little shaky when on idle and having gear in... still isnt right.. IAC seems little low on idle to ?!...
25 Juni 2008 - ANYH_25_IAC_Adjust - IAC adjust in the garage. ALOT of bad signals from the distributor when its around ~106 deg celcius.. (thats because ive been idling in the garage for a while and its hot outside.) As you may see that I get the bad signal while driving at the end.. the car almost died but I gave it some throttle and it stabilized but then I went home and shutdown.. You see at at REC # 8021.. Minimum air is set to ~550rpm (+/-25) on idle in P and ~450 (+/-25) in D as it should be... Still the idle seems low.. maybe thats why it shaking because its to low ?!..

Logged 29 Juni 2008

29 Juni 2008 - ANYH_25 - 58 minutes of logging and driving, city traffic, cruising, high speed, cruiscontroll AC on MAX (cold) different AC locations , MAX, Economy, OFF, VENT, LOW... Runned pretty good, only 1 bad rpm signal when stopped and refuelled the car, bad rpm signal while cranking and hot engine.. the shaking on idle is still there but little better. Runned for 58 minutes without any stops so thats good.. getting closer to the problem, Not as much Knock retard as before and thats real good to, still some KR but not as much..

Logged 5 Augusti 2008

5 Augusti 2008 - ANYH_27 - Short log after injector change. seems to run little lean on some places, mostly good BLM but sometimes its lean and rich.. the DTC error is because I forgot to connect the MAF cable after the change, forgot to resett the ecm.. So nothing to worry about there.

Logged 8 Augusti 2008

8 Augusti 2008 - ANYH_27 - 58 minutes of log. Alot driving, WOT idle and cruising, BLM looks like going mostly around 120 - 140 and sometimes down to 100BLM and sometimes up to 150... What can cause this, Its a brand new O2 sensor (~1 year old) I cant be good with that BLM wich goes down to 100 sometimes (not for long) and then up to 150 sometimes.. any ideas of that problem ?

Logged 10 Augusti 2008

10 Augusti 2008 - ANYH_28_A - Long log, crusing, some higher throttle and city driving. Alot of knock retard in this log, only change in prom is IDLE RPM is rised 50rpm when around 92 to 104 celius, wouldnt affect spark and knock... I also checked my timing today, was on 4, resett it to 6 Deg BTDC and runned, maybe that 2+ timing made it knock ? or what do you think about that ? Fired right up when EST was disconnected, had to crank some and the rpm needle jump when EST is connected.. maybe something with the ECM that makes it hard to start when the EST is connected and engine is warm?
10 Augusti 2008 - ANYH_28_B - Short log , just fired it up and moved it from the road. Then shutdown. And then went inside to a friend and talked for some hours.
10 Augusti 2008 - ANYH_28_C - Engine was little hard to start at beginning (no log on that) had to crank her over for 3 secs and then started low like 300rpm and went up to ~750 and then the RPM needle jumped from 1500 to 5000rpm up and down fast and then went to being steady... Strange.... what can cause that problem ? Same here alot of Knock Retard, and im not pulling any crazy timing on her. Maybe its because shes lean ?


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