Condition Of The Engine.

Sparkplug Check
Som du kanske ser så verkar det som att några tändstift har fått olja / oförbrännd bensin bakom gängorna alltså utanför toppen, är även läckage runt tändstifthålen, stiften drogs med rätt moment men det verkar som fasningen på dessa nya AC Delco stift inte stämmer överens med dom AC Delco stiften som satt på innan. Känns ju inte rätt att det är olja/bensin bakom gängorna.. Stiften är nya och har inte gått mer än 80 mil

As you may see, Some of the sparkplugs have oil / unburned fuel behind the threads outside the cylinder head, There is also some leakage around the sparkplug holes.. The Sparkplugs was screwed with the right force.. It seems like the new AC Delco sparkplugs have changed.. since they are different, not much but there is some difference.. It dosent feel right to have oil/unburned fuel behind the threads...The sparkplugs are NEW and havent been driven for more than 490Miles (800km)

Sparkplugs Gap is : 0,9 mm or 0353 inch


Here you find an video file where you see how the pressure did build up, It was similar in every cylinder. Example : Cylinder Pressure Build Up


There is also a very high clicking sound, I felt it in the fuelpressure gauge to, Very hard and noicy clicks, maybe the fuel pressure regulator or the injectors.. Accel maybe clicks alot ?!

The needle shaked a little bit. maybe 1mm back and forward all the time.
The pressure remained the same even in high accelerations. I also logged with TTS Datamaster, The logs files you will find on the right side.

Stopped the car, the fuel pressure gauge stayed at 44 PSI for 10 minutes, then I decided that I dont have any leaky injectors. Since it stayed at 44 PSI for 10 minutes. (the left picture is with vacuum hose.) And after 10 minutes i decided to try to pull out the vaccum hoose from plenum to F/P reg. and when I did, the pressure sank a little bit. (picture to the right is when I pulled the vacuum hoose) So after I pulled out the vacuum hoose it went right below 42 PSI.
(If you want to see wich hoose I pulled, click HERE)

I installed the vacuum gauge between HVAC cables that goes to Vacuumtank and inside to the AC Controlls. When I did the test I tried with all AC positions. It hardly changed in vacuum, So the vacuum in the engine seems fine to. I took a little drive and checked the fuelpressure and the vacuum, its looks fine. the fuelpressure is CONSTANT on 44PSI no mather what. and the vacuum changes when I give som throttle.. Steady and fine. But I couldnt check the vacuum between the fuelpressureregulator because that plug on the plenum is CASTED all the way thru. Got a picture of it HERE And HERE is where its location on the plenum is. Its very strange because this should have vacuum right ? To change fuel pressure on different loads and so ? and WHY is this casted shut ? It seems like stock cast..

When the AC was not engaged the vacuum stayed at steady 22 INCH Hg. and when the AC was engaged to the drivebelt it went down to steady 20 INCH Hg.
here you got a shot video clip of the vacuum gauge (with sound so you here the AC pump getting engaged on the drivebelt). Vaccum Gauge - Sound


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TTS Datamaster Logs
here you will find all my logs from the car. its password protected and the password is : irocztts


This is from the compressiontest. A short video of how the pressure builded up. It was similar on all the cylinders.

Vacuum Test
This is from the vacuumtest. A short video of how the vacuum was, when the AC was on MAX.More info about the test further down the page.

Ticking Sound
Short audio clip where you can here the ticking/clicking sound. after 12 seconds its very loud and clear Ticking. What can it be?